Our company provides Land Rover Defender restoration, renovation, purchase, sale and international shipping services in Izmir, Turkey.

We are not a restoration company that started the automotive industry and didn’t know the job.

We are a company that has been doing quality work for a long time and providing detailed restoration services. Company history is about 45 years.

Our company, which provides restoration and modification services on many different cars, provides guaranteed, professional service in Land Rover Defender off-road vehicles from the chassis to the last stage.

You can review the customer vehicles we have served before in the gallery section.

We can offer individual solutions with different engine and gearbox options. We are very familiar with the rules for sending vehicles to the USA and other countries.

In Land Rover Defender restoration services, we buy the appropriate vehicle on your behalf, restore it and bring it to the shipping stage on your behalf. With the transport and customs companies we work with, we send the vehicle to the customs of the country you want without any problems.

Working example of a restoration project;

  • You specify what type of vehicle you want. We search and find on your behalf. Or you specify the type and model of the vehicle you bought before.
  • The vehicle chassis code (vin code) is being examined. It is examined whether it complies with the rules of the destination country. A suitable vehicle restoration project is starting.
  • Photos of vehicles that have been made or liked before are presented to us. In the same way, the restoration process is carried out on your behalf. At this stage, attention is paid to the customs rules of the country where the vehicle is going.
  • Vehicle restoration service is completed. Customs procedures are carried out from Turkey to the country you want. It is delivered to the transport company. It is delivered to the most suitable customs port of the country you want.
  • It is guaranteed to pass through customs without any problems.